Phalaenopsis Mini Mark 'Holm'It is Mini Mark season again… mine blooms twice a year with 2 inflorescences each time. I have said it before, but I really love this cute little hybrid. It is small, but I would definitely not call it a mini, even though I have seen it listed as such. The leaf span on mine measure 26 cm across. The short inflorescence (8-10 cm) hold 4-5 waxy flowers that measure about 3,5 cm. Although, when discussing size, I suppose it all depends what you compare it to… The last photo below  illustrates the “mini” in Mini Mark.

Phalaenopsis Mini Mark is a cross between Phalaenopsis Micro Nova (maculata x parishii) and philippinense. Mine is the “Holm” mericlone, but there are others. Rumor has it the ‘Levengood’ mericlone might be fragrant, but I do not know if this is true.

Phalaenopsis Mini Mark 'Holm'Phalaenopsis Mini Mark 'Holm'Phalaenopsis Mini Mark 'Holm'Phalaenopsis Mini Mark 'Holm' vs. Paphiopedilum Vinicolor