Phalaenopsis violacea var. coeruleaThis beautiful Phalaenopsis species is primarily found in Malaysia and Sumatra at elevation of about 150 meters. The common name is “The Violet Phalaenopsis,” and the sumatran and malaysian forms are intensely violet in color. This coerulea form is largely white(ish) but with very nice blue details – as indicated by the name. There is also an alba form with waxy almost completely white flowers, but with hints of green on the tips of the petals, just like my coerulea.

Phalaenopsis bellina was actually originally registered as a violacea (var. borneo), but have since been reclassified as its own species. Phalaenopsis bellina is very similar to the violacea, but has larger flowers and is generally a bit more colorful. What is true for both bellina and violacea is the wonderful scent! The whole rooms smells wonderful right now. I really like this plant. It bloomed late last summer and is now at it again, and a regular bloomer is definitely a welcome addition to any collection.

I grow mine on the bottom of my warm vivarium where it enjoys medium/low light, high humidity (85-90%) and 24-28 degrees. I grow this and all my warmth loving Phals in plastic mesh pots, the same used for aquatic plats, with EpiWeb as the media. I really like the mesh pots since they allow for good air circulation among the roots, and the EpiWeb does not get too soggy, or break down too fast in the high humidity.