Paphiopedilum spicerianum

Paphiopedilum Leeanum

The slipper parade continues, it is Paphiopedilum season after all. Let me present Paphiopedilum Leeanum, a lovely primary hybrid with Paphiopedilum insigne as the seed parent and Paphiopedilum spicerianum as the pollen contributor. It is an old classic as far as hybrids go, registered in Britain in back in 1884 when the orchid hybridization craze was first gaining momentum. Leeanum was one of the first of many successful insigne crosses exhibiting enormous vitality and eagerness to bloom, a quality making insigne very popular in hybridization […]

New orchid order from Roellke…

Roellke in Germany usually has a sale on young plants for xmas and the more plants you buy the better the price… this year a few people on the forum i frequent decided to go in on an order together. We all ordered a bunch of plants so they only cost 5 euros per plant which is a pretty good deal (almost half price). Two species we all got as a common project. […]