Masdevallia tovarensisI have two very nice Masdevallia tovarensis orchids. Both of which are in bud right now. One bud opened early in December and it was beautiful!! But the rest are just sitting there, waiting. Waiting for what!?! Every day  go in there looking, hoping, waiting. But nothing.

I finally figured out that I think they want more humidity in order to deliver the big price. We have had an unusually cold winter here, so I have actually had to turn on the heater in the orchid room (very low) for the first time ever. So needless to say the relative humidity has plummeted.  So, to cater to my darling M. tovarensis I devised a plan. I cranked up the humidifier and ran it solid all night and every other hour during the day for a whole week – with the door closed.

That sure did the trick! The RH in the room hovered around 70-80% and I could practically see the buds swelling. They were loving it! …but the wallpaper did not. It finally gave up and began to bubble in places, despite the four coats of paint on top of them. My dear patient husband finally put his foot down. Can’t say I blame him really – but what about my fuzzy Masdevallias?

That just made me double my efforts looking for a suitable terrarium to convert to a cool vivarium for these guys… and today I think I might have found it. More to come…