Masdevallia tovarensis

It is tovarensis season again

Masdevallia tovarensisMasdevallia tovarensis has got to be one of those “must have” species if you like Masdevallia… both of mine are in bud or blooming now and it is such a nice time. It is just a stunningly beautiful species with waxy, long-lived and elegantly shaped white flowers. As if that was not enough – each inflorescence can produce 2-4 flowers simultaneously! Flowers measure about 8 […]

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Masdevallia math

Masdevallia tovarensisI have 2 large Masdevallia tovarensis and I decided to divide one now that it has finished blooming. I actually found these M. tovarensis at a flower shop about two years ago. They were not in bloom and on the werge to be discarded when I saw them, so I got them for really cheap. They have now grown into huge healthy plants.


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Masdevallia vs. the wallpaper

Masdevallia tovarensisI have two very nice Masdevallia tovarensis orchids. Both of which are in bud right now. One bud opened early in December and it was beautiful!! But the rest are just sitting there, waiting. Waiting for what!?! Every day  go in there looking, hoping, waiting. But nothing.

I finally figured out that I think they want more humidity in order to deliver the […]

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The death of an orchid flower

Masdevallia tovarensisThere is something tragic, yet very graceful, when the orchid flower has done its time. It slowly begins to wilt and finally become a memory (or a mummy) of its former beauty. Yet it lingers, refusing to give up the right to exist, to remember its former grandeur. Sometimes I almost like this process more than buds opening, in a macabre, Edgar Allan […]

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A fabulous comeback for Masdevallia tovarensis

Masdevallia tovarensisAfter the harrowing near death experience with Madame La Guillotine recently, the spirited tovarensis has made a strong comeback and is displaying the most perfect set of flowers finally! The delicate shades of white and the pronounced structure of the flowers looks a bit like a corset made with the finest silk –  it would of course have to be Venezuelan […]

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