Today was spring cleaning in the nano vivarium. I took the whole thing apart, cleaned out the watering system and polished the tube. To do that I had to lift out the whole EpiWeb wall/branch assembly which gave me a good opportunity to go over and inspect each plant since that is really hard to do when it is inside the tube. I was pleased to find that several plans had started to attach themselves to the EpiWeb and I could remove some of the unsightly support sticks and wire.

Phalaenopsis lobbii var. flava Phalaenopsis lobbii var. flava Bulbophyllum frostii Leptotes unicolor Ornithocephalus manabina

Masdevallia tuerckheimii Masdevallia guttulata venus fly trap Gastrochilus calceolaris warm vivarium

It was especially nice to see the two Masdevallias, guttulata  and tuerckheimii doing so well after the fungus trouble a few months back. Both have grown several new leaves and are looking really good now.

I also decided to move a few plants out to the warm vivarium instead since they are a bit too big for the nano, aesthetically. Gastrochilus calceolaris and Masdevallia guttulata got to move (I had already moved the Ascocentropsis pusilla last weekend). I also rigged up a little shelf out of EpiWeb for a little venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) to help the Drosera capensis keep after the fruit flies who unfortunately also like the humid warm conditions in the nano… It was a big job, but it was well worth it.