This is a small terrestrial species from southwestern China and Thailand. Found around 500 to 750 meters, it is a warm grower, but I grow it kind of intermediate and it seems to handle that just fine too. It is a fairly new species, only just described in 2003, although it may have been on the market under the name Paphiopedilum charlesworthii var. kanchanaburi before. The flower measures about 15 cm across and feels quite large for the size of the plant. I like that. I also love the coloration and the contrasts in the sail, there are a few species within Paphiopedilum that share this, and I love them all.

I took this opportunity to test my new camera as well, a Sony CyberShot DSC-RX100 III. It is a small compact that I plan to bring to Costa Rica with me. I made the decision to leave the large SRL (Nikon D7000) at home. I want something lighter and more accessible, that is, if it lives up to my expectations and standards. First test today, and I must say, so far I am impressed! It shoots raw, films in high def, with good ISO – important in low light djungles. Some more tests will prove its worth.

Paphiopedilum vejvarutianum O.Gruss & Roellke 2003.