fungus gnats

Nematode warfare round 2

Namatode warefareIt is fungus gnat season again… sigh! They love warm wet vivariums and now it is summer with a lot warmer temperatures – which was followed by an explosive increase in fungus gnats. They look like a small  mosquito and some mistake them for the harmless common fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster). It is called Sciara hemerobioides, or dark-winged fungus gnats […]

Nematode warfare… Karma: 1 — Sciaridae: 0

Yesterday I treated the entire apartment, well that was an overstatement, I treated all the flower pots, orchid pots and vivariums at least with nematodes. Waging war on the Sciaridae. I have not really seen any of them around the apartment, but they absolutely love my nano-vivarium and my flaskbaby nurseries (mini-greenhouses) where it is nice and warm and humid. But I took no chances and treated everything with the tiny biological predators, the nematodes […]