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Karma is an environmentalist, hiking zealot and orchid nerd from Sweden. She is also a designer/art director and a blogger. She has been the editor for the Swedish Orchid Society magazine, published internationally and held lectures on orchid culture. At the moment Karma is a digital nomad, intent on discovering the world one trail at a time.

Stage 1: Hemavan – Ammarnäs

WHERE: Stage 1: Hemavan to Ammarnäs – Kungsleden, Sweden
WHEN: August 1-6, 2016
OBJECTIVE: Thru-hike, #rebootatforty
DISTANCE: 79 km (completed: 79 km in total)

Most people tend to walk this trail southbound thus ending with this stage, but since I chose to walk northbound this is my starting point. The stage is a beautiful introduction to the Swedish fell region cutting a path through the majestic Vindelfjällen, one of the largest protected areas […]

Reboot-at-forty packing list

EVALUATION… details in the evaluation notes at the bottom of this post.

Alright, as promised… here is the packing list for my 6 week #rebootatforty thru-hike of Kungsleden (The King’s Trail) + Sarek. I find it helpful to see what kind of gear people pack when I research trips, so I am trying to return the favor. Less than one week away now!

My base weight is checking in at around 15 kg (not counting what I am […]


So what is this “rebootatforty” business you ask? I did not think the act of turning forty a couple of years ago was especially traumatic – age is just a number – but it did bring a lot of thoughts and questions I have been wrestling with for the past few years to a head. I really recent the term mid-life crisis, it makes you sound like a helpless victim, but what about mid-life awakening? Researchers have found […]

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Svartedalen hike – a dress rehearsal

WHERE: Bohusleden, Svartedalen – Bohuslän, Sweden.
OBJECTIVE: Test gear and enjoy the scenery.
DISTANCE: 19 km, 1 overnight.

Last weekend my friend an I decided to hike stage 8 and 9 of Bohusleden southbound through Svartedalen. It was to be sort of a a dress rehearsal for our long distance hike coming up in just a couple short weeks (#rebootatforty). We started at Lysevatten and walked about 19 km to Grandalen sleeping a night out on the way. We wanted to get a feel for all the gear we were planning on […]

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Midsummer hike in Sälen

WHERE: Sälenfjällen – Dalarna, Sweden.
OBJECTIVE: Recharge, enjoy the scenery and spend time with family.
DISTANCE: Day 1 = Källfjället ca 17 km. Day 2 = Storfjället ca 8 km.

For the second year running now, my parents and I have made the six hour drive north to Sälenfjällen for the extended weekend of midsummer. So since we have done it twice now, and have every intention of doing it again next year, I will call it a […]

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Costa Rica travel diary

Well, it only took half a decade, but it finally happened! My very own orchid expedition! For those of you who are long-time followers of this blog might remember this post from 2010 when my friend got to go hunting orchids in Costa Rica. I was eagerly following along from the comforts of home via his blog, wondering if, and secretly hoping that I would one day dare to do the very same. Well, guess […]

Day 17-19: Back to civilization

Costa Rica travel diary

Monday morning and my friend and I caught a “monkey shuttle” north, a sort of poor man’s cab/car share service, a bit Über style, cheaper than taxi and way faster than bus. Still a 5 hour drive to Cartago where Daniel picked us up and drove us the last bit to Paraíso och hotell Orokay. A nice and quiet oasis with a rather spectacular view of the mountains, Macho Gaff-Cerro De La Muerte, […]

Day 12-16: Dominical

Costa Rica travel diary

We rose very early and were on the road by 7. We bid a fond farewell of Las Tablas and the family and as we set off down the mountain a light drizzle began to fall. It was a rough and bumpy near hour long drive in the farms’ old army surplus vehicle… On a wooden bench in the back of the tarp covered flatbed with diesel fumes permeating the space. It was […]

Day 9-11: Off grid living at Las Tablas

Costa Rica travel diary

A short trip south brought us to the small village below Las Tablas. Here we had to leave our trusty bus behind and hike up. The road up to the small very remote farm was rough to say the least, no way the bus would have made it, even four wheel drives would struggle here. During rainy season it would be completely closed, completely isolating the farm for weeks at a time. We are […]

Day 6-8: Las Alturas and Cerro Echandi

Costa Rica travel diary

This was the big climb, the crescendo, what I had been preparing for all summer… the hike up Cerro Echandi. The morning brought a lot of anticipation and preparations as we were getting ready to leave for the long hike and two nights of sleeping out. Very exciting but also a little daunting considering how much more we had to carry along for the duration. We are all carrying sizable backpacks now […]

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